Yes, the deck looks great!

I think you did a good job of making the front end square up to a not square balcony.  My carpenter friend came over to take a look and he liked it too.  Thanks again for all your hard work!

Amazon Grey composite decking from TruNorth Decking.  Multiple rooms created using vertical boards.  Inset lighting along inside edge of condo balcony.

Even Dogs Love Terrace Creations

Balcony is fabulous!!! We all love it. Thank you and Paul for your diligence and patience!

Donna and Nancy from Oakville

Everything is perfect :-). 

I love the deck a lot. 


No hassle. No mess. Good price!

After photo. Amazon grey composite with river stones on the edges.

Before photo.

The job was to replace rotten wood decking on a narrow flat roof balcony. Drainage was a critical issue and the design was reworked to give us maximum water flow. Because of the flashing, the deck could not go all the way to the edge, so river rocks were added to fill in the gap. Looks terrific. While on the job, they suggested an extra board that was not in the quote, but they did it anyway for us. Came on time. Finished on time. Very careful not to damage the roof. No hassle. No mess. Good price. Tim and Paul are a great team. I would use them again and recommend them to others.

Pat and Gayle Murphy - Toronto