Thanks Tim and Paul! We love the balcony and I am so glad I decided to go with the lights!   C. Savage, Toronto

This was a smaller Toronto condo balcony where we installed Hazelwood composite inside a picture frame pattern.  Five inset lights on the outside of the balcony provided some beautiful lighting for the evening.

Yes, the deck looks great!

I think you did a good job of making the front end square up to a not square balcony.  My carpenter friend came over to take a look and he liked it too.  Thanks again for all your hard work!

Amazon Grey composite decking from TruNorth Decking.  Multiple rooms created using vertical boards.  Inset lighting along inside edge of condo balcony.

Even Dogs Love Terrace Creations

Balcony is fabulous!!! We all love it. Thank you and Paul for your diligence and patience!

Donna and Nancy from Oakville

Everything is perfect :-). 

I love the deck a lot.