Tim’s work is incredible, my balcony looks amazing.  In doing this work at my condo on my balcony, I found him to be detailed, clean, organized and on top of what he was doing.  He finished the project from start to finish as planned and well the work speaks for itself.  I would definitely recommend him…a good guy

Lisa Pallotta - Toronto,

Hi Tim Just to let you know we are very pleased with the 300 sq ft balcony you did for us at Cinema Towers.  It looks amazing! I know you put a lot of effort and thought into getting the perfect look once its finished and came up with the right solution in a very tight time frame.  I didn't think it would take aprox 3 days  to do my  circular balcony but every cut is customized to fit perfectly.  Also the wood stain matches perfectly with our hardwood floor and thanks for the little stuff you didn't charge me for.  I would highly recommend you to anyone in need of installing outdoor wood or decking tiles.  I also have another one by the end of the month would need a quote on.  I'll keep in touch and thanks again for the amazing work

Pat Zagari - Cinema Towers - Toronto,

A big thank you for the addition to our condo balcony!  We now have flowers in the box and are enjoying many hours of enjoyment outside.  Thank you!

Jan & Andy Davidson - Toronto, Client

Thanks Tim. The floor looks great! Derris showed it to our Property Manager and he was quite impressed so please send your information and some images and I will get it to him.

Robert & Derris Uhrig - Etobicoke, Ontario, Consultant