Porcelain tiles are an ideal solution for a condo balcony if you want zero maintenance and long life.

Japanese Balcony With Porcelain Tiles

One more in our series of condo balconies from around the world and this one features a Japanese Condo Balcony with porcelain tiles.  This is from an article called 15 Engaging Asian Balcony Designs that gives you a good look at all sorts of different ideas.

We've added a new line of porcelain tiles to our group of flooring products because they are a natural for our condo balcony designs.  Made from natural materials, they can withstand Canadian elements and still look beautiful year in and year out.  Several way to put them down on the floor, all respecting condo balcony rules about not affixing something permanently to the ground.

All condo balcony furniture is best designed and built to accommodate some storage for cushions and other useful items.

Sitting and Storage Bench

One of the issues most of our customers face is the lack of storage.  Therefore most of our bench designs and sitting solutions are built to house their own cushions.  This is a classic example as the customer had a very odd shaped balcony.  They wanted a bench and small table to fit one corner.  They had little room wanted a bench where they didn't have to lift up the seat each time but the cushion was right at hand.

This simple condo bench design and table was built by one of our artisans and installed on top of a cedar deck that we built and installed as well.  The bench has no back on it so as to not obstruct the view from inside.  In these cases we often recommend a wedge cushion that has a back and bottom for sitting and can be stored inside the bench.

Simple planter table that can be built for any condo balcony.

Simple Planter Table

This simple planter table was designed and built for an elderly client who wanted a bit more space on her balcony but didn't want a built-in planter.  She wanted to show off her plants and pots that she had had for many years.

The idea of the table was also to allow her to see the street at all times while still getting her pots off the ground.

A nice light stain finished off the design.

Planters and privacy screens are a great addition to any condo balcony.

Combined Planter and Privacy Screen

Set on top of an Amazon Grey Composite Decking, this combined planter and privacy screen allows our customer to enjoy her terrace without neighbours watching her every move.

The birch pole privacy screen was built into the planter with some lovely tall grasses adding an extra level of privacy and green.

The three planters were designed with an open space on the bottom to lighten the look and also to provide space for watering cans, art, etc.

On top of the planting soil we placed some river stone which kept the soil moist and in the planters, as well as highlighting the birch poles.