A beautiful natural grain with the feel of a topographic map.


Eramosa Fleuri Cut

Similar to the vein cut, but sliced parallel to the natural grain. This gives a feel of a topographic map and a more organic pattern. This can be ordered in a honed ( a more polished look), sand blasted (rougher but with better foot grip) or flamed (like sandblasted but reveals more distinctive grain) finishes.

Extremely hard terrace decking that will fade to light grey over time.

Cumaru Wood For BalconiesCumaru

Cumaru as a wood surface offers an attractive finish in a variety of tones from deep to light browns. It is an extremely durable wood that will last upwards of 50+ years, is rot and moisture resistant and will fade to a light grey over time . The colour can be enhanced by refinishing to keep its original look.

Subway tile pattern with a colour palette from light brown to black.

Eramosa-Honed-and-Polished-Vein-CutEramosa Vein Cut

This selection is a local limestone from Owen Sound, Ontario.  It's sawn on the face and honed to give a smooth finish and accentuate the grain. The arrangement of the tiles gives a subway tile pattern and every tile is unique. The colour palette is light brown to black.

Add strength to small space and can be extended if required.

extended railing

Metal Railings

This small terrace shows what you can do with a small space as well as metal railings.  Some areas require all railings to be 42 in. from the surface but it is possible to extend the railings (as in the photo) to get a beautiful stone or wood surface and still stay within code.