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Condo Composite Decking With Lighting

This large, condo composite decking installation also requested lighting on the interior side.  The customer chose Amazon Grey, which is turning out to be our most popular composite decking by far!

Because the balcony was rather long with a funny extra piece at the bottom, we decided to break up in the middle, with two sections.  This gives it the feeling of more "rooms" or spaces on the balcony.

Lighting was installed on the inside edge of the balcony (sorry, no photo of it at night!).  Along with an inside switch, the customers can now turn on their lighting in the evening and

enjoy the view without ever going outside.

Lighting help to accentuate the edges of your balcony and gives it that "starry" look in the evening. A beautiful way to enjoy a Toronto evening!

Floor lighting

Integrating small lights into the flooring of your condo balcony can really change the look of the balcony in the evening.  In this example, we put four small LED lights into a smallish balcony in Toronto that changed it into a Paris like look in the evening!

The rest of the condo balcony was a staggered, classic, cedar design.  The client also requested an infinity look which means it extended outside the railing, making the balcony look much bigger.  The client was extremely happy with the result and told us so very clearly!  Nice.

Candles and some string Christmas lighting and you have a great balcony for the evening.

small balcony lightingSmall Balcony Lighting Ideas

A few candles, some Christmas string lights along the railing and a couple of stand-up candles on the side and you have a great balcony for the evening.


recessed deck light condo balconyDeck lighting has really come along in the past number of years, particularly with the growth of LED lights.  These little gems require almost no power and because they are low voltage there are zero risks.

Put them in your wood decking, among the plants or even in the side of your condo to highlight a step up into your condo.  All look great and give you just enough light to see without disturbing your great view.



recessed deck lightingI've put a few here from Highpoint Deck Lighting, a family firm in Colorado because they have a real nice collection which can be adapted to any condo balcony or terrace.