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The combination of grass and cedar makes for a beautiful terrace design and place to relax.

Cedar Condo Balcony With Grass

Artificial grass has come a long way and our friends at Design Turf are always there to supply us with terrific artifical grass.  This grass was their Natural 60 which is really quite incredible and I defy anyone to tell the difference except this stuff you don't have to cut!

This condo balcony in the heart of Toronto was designed using cedar on one side and artificial grass on the other.  The idea was to have a soft place for their child to run around as well as some nice decking to remind them of the cottage.

The cedar portion was installed using a staggered pattern to give the feel of a real deck (which it is) and was stained using Natural Cedar from Sansin stains.





Simple designs from Asia are easily incorporated into Toronto and can make even the smallest of balconies a beauty!

Asian Balcony Designs

We get a lot of our input and ideas from scrolling through google and looking at Asian balcony designs.  The reasons are simple.  In general, condos and apartments in various Asian countries are smaller than in Canada and they have to use every inch to their advantage.  Also, a higher sense of style in utilizing their balconies.  Finally, a much longer history of using this often overlooked piece of real estate!

This is a nice, simple design with wooden decking and a lovely green wall with planter.  A small water feature has been built in as well which is very popular in Asia.  The lighter wood stain makes the balcony look much bigger than it is and of course, using some plants and greenery turns it into a lovely oasis.

A simple design using a light coloured stain can really make your furniture and plants stand out.

Simple White Boards On A Spanish Balcony

Southern Europeans really like to dress up their balconies because they comprise a large part of their living and enjoyment space.  In this case, they've used a very simple design with a translucent stain to allow the grain to show through.

We did a similar job last year for a client who had been living in Germany for a number of years.   When you add in a few dark pieces of furniture and some colour with plants and vases, you can really turn a simple balcony into a stylish, stunning, spot.

The nice thing about whiter boards is they don't show dirt as much and as they fade, it is hardly noticeable.


Even the smallest of balconies can be enlivened with a simple wooden deck and a couple of comfy chairs.

Condo Balcony Staggered Decking

On a small condo balcony a lot can be achieved through the use of staggered decking and a beautiful stain.  Add a couple of comfy chairs and a table and you have a comfortable sitting area that you want to use as opposed to a piece of rough concrete with an old lawn chair!

This customer requested staggered decking which breaks up the pattern quite a bit and gives a rustic charm look.  As well, the boards were stained Weather Wood from the Sansin line of stains which I prefer because of their quality and beautiful range of colours.

Prior to me installing the decking, the customer had installed a set of sliding balcony windows across the front of their balcony which allowed them to use it all four seasons.  They are on a busy street of downtown Toronto so the windows also helped in keeping down the dirt that can float up from the street.