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Making over a townhouse balcony from old wood to a beautiful composite from TruNorth Decking is relatively easy and can make the difference between not using the space to sitting out there all the time!

We outfitted this balcony with Hazelwood composite laid out in a picture frame pattern. Simple but nice and will last forever!

Before Terrace Creations Makeover 🙂
After Terrace Creations and some composite decking from TruNorth Decks!
Before Terrace Creations
After Terrace Creations

Always fun to see the difference even for a small balcony when the grey concrete has been replaced with a beautiful flooring or, in this case, Hazelwood composite. As well, we added five inset lights on the outside of the balcony that will light up the inside in the evenings. A small remote controls it all.

Hazelwood composite balcony.

Large terraces are often constructed with old pavers which can break and look ugly real soon. We finished this terrace with a Hazelwood composite from TruNorth Decking and framed it on the ends with horizontal boards to picture frame it all in.

The customer also requested and received a series of inset lights along the outer and inner edges of the terrace.

Always fun to see the difference some nice composite decking can make on a Toronto condo balcony. The pictures below show a nice comparison and it's fun to see how much it has improved. As well, the balcony on the left will never have any pools of water that you have to step around. It will last forever and will even protect the concrete below it so that it will not have to be renewed as often as other balconies.