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Contrasting your balcony flooring pattern with your inside room can create a completely different room.

Condo Balcony Contrast

A question I always get asked is whether the condo balcony flooring should contrast with the inside flooring or be similar.  No clear answer of course as it depends on taste but one way to go is to contrast your balcony flooring completely with your inside floors.

In this example, the owner has the boards on the condo floor running in the opposite direction.  They have also chosen a completely different wood, stain colour and pattern.

As a nice addition, they have built a great sitting and table area on the outside edge, made of the same wood.

Benches on a condo balcony are always a good idea to maximize space and to provide lots of sitting room.

condo balcony with long benchLong Boards And Bench

Great condo balcony with long boards and bench on the side.

The benches can be easily built in to most condo balconies and they add a lot of sitting space without taking up too much room.

The long boards are a real treat with some big screws holding them down in the middle which gives them a solid look.

Don't always think wood stain for your balcony. This is a nice example from Sweden that brings out the white in our lives!

swedish small balconySwedish Small Balcony

The Swedes know how to dress up a small balcony and make it chic!

This is a lovely design that incorporates a couple of small, white chairs and table on top of white deck boards.  All decks do not have to be wood coloured or stained - paint is a great idea as well.

The white contrast beautifully with the black railings and makes for a cozy nook.

See more small balconies and seating options at our Pinterest site as well.


Small balconies demand bright furniture that can highlight your space and make it standout.

small blue condo balcony chairsSmall Balcony Chairs

If you have a very small balcony then that makes it even more important to dress it up well!

This owner has highlighted their balcony with beautiful blue wooden chairs and a table and have turned a small space into the ultimate breakfast or evening nook.

Use lots of colour in your small balcony space to make it standout.