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Using a variety of materials on even a small balcony can create different spaces to enjoy your terrace. Stone is great under BBQ's and grass is loved by all but most of all your pets!

Grass and Stone Combo

Grass and stone combination with composite and even a green wall.

This grass and stone combination (with composite and a green wall) was built for a lovely client in downtown Toronto.

The grass is laid over an ultra-base solution that allows water and air flow and also provides a bit of a cushion that gives it a real "lawn" feel.  The customer's golden retriever immediately started rolling around and enjoying his new lawn!

The stone concrete pavers provide a solid base for the BBQ and allow for easy cleanup as well if there are any spills.

Instead of the standard glass partition with the neighbour, we installed a simple wooden wall and the customer began the process of turning it into a "green" wall with hanging planters.  A lovely idea!

The composite completed the final third of the balcony and provides a place for the heavier furniture and for entry into the condo.

Decking with Planters and Grasses

A wonderful client who requested a total remake of her balcony with some privacy screens added to the mix.  They decided on amazon grey decking from TruNorth Composites (my favourite composite company) and we custom built three planters for the space as well.

Just after installation and before the grasses started to grow!






The planters were designed with an open space at the bottom to provide some storage.  The planters themselves were dressed up with birch branches and some Karl-Foerster grasses to provide some privacy from nearby condo buildings.

The customer was thrilled with the installation and had this to say:

A huge thank you to Tim for turning my balcony into an oasis.  The new flooring and planters are fantastic!  Throughout the process, Tim was detailed, punctual, organized, clean and the best of all, he puts a ton of effort and enthusiasm into his work.  Thank you for the amazing work Tim and I would not hesitate to recommend you.


Rooftop patios are a great idea for single condos or condo buildings. They provide a place for all residents to relax and enjoy nature - in the middle of the city.

rooftop patio with grassRooftop Patio With Grass and Wood

This is a beautiful design for a rooftop patio that incorporates grass and a wood pattern on the outside.

Faux grass is a great way to provide a more "backyard" look and there are a lot of very high quality grasses out there to choose from.

Surrounding the grass with wood decking provides a nice contrast and in this case, they've decided to let the wood silver with age which is outstanding.  Nice design!


Why go halfway when you can have a full grass balcony right on your condo?

full grass condo balconyFull Grass Condo Balcony

A completely full grass condo balcony is a fun idea and when you mix in some planters with flowers, you have yourself a great backyard!

Lots of light in this balcony and with the quality levels of faux grass available today, it is not a problem to create this little heaven.

You can see more examples here on our Pinterest board.