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Porcelain tiles are an ideal solution for a condo balcony if you want zero maintenance and long life.

Japanese Balcony With Porcelain Tiles

One more in our series of condo balconies from around the world and this one features a Japanese Condo Balcony with porcelain tiles.  This is from an article called 15 Engaging Asian Balcony Designs that gives you a good look at all sorts of different ideas.

We've added a new line of porcelain tiles to our group of flooring products because they are a natural for our condo balcony designs.  Made from natural materials, they can withstand Canadian elements and still look beautiful year in and year out.  Several way to put them down on the floor, all respecting condo balcony rules about not affixing something permanently to the ground.

A simple design made of porcelain tiles makes this condo balcony a full extension of the living space.

Wide Porcelain Tiles

These wide porcelain tiles are from a great article on engaging Asian balconies that we love.

This style could also be accomplished with wide, wooden panels but the tiles are so nice and clean that they are my favourite option.

In Toronto you're usually not allowed to change the wall colour or put up stone (who invented that stupid rule!) but you can put up a hanging or something else that gives you a more balanced look than grey concrete.

I like the two sizes of tile and the simplicity of the design.  Beautiful.

Porcelain Condo Balcony Tiles

Another in our series of photos on porcelain condo balcony tiles.  These tiles are rarely used on condo balconies because the majority of the industry thinks about houses and their decks.

We would like to change that by getting people to think about turning their condo balcony into their new, favourite room!

These tiles handle Toronto's winters with ease, resist all spills and stains, are easy to clean and remove and have a non-slip surface to keep you safe.  They are even respectful of the environment as they are made from natural materials.

Porcelain tiles are perfect for condo balconies and cover while allowing access to window washing hooks that are often quite ugly.

Stunning Porcelain Tiles

Stunning porcelain tiles with river stone between.

Next in our series of porcelain tiles is this beauty which has the porcelain tiles interspersed with a dark river stone to highlight the edges.

This is a terrific look for a large or small condo balcony and has a very practical application as well.  The river stones allow water to drain away into the sub-flooring before, keeping your sitting and walking area nice and dry.

These large porcelain tiles are incredibly strong and can be supported underneath in a variety of ways.  We also use tiles like this to cover the various hooks and other devices on the roof that the building management many need access to on a semi-regular basis.  They can be easily lifted up and put back down without changing the long term look of the terrace.