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Rooftop patios are a great idea for single condos or condo buildings. They provide a place for all residents to relax and enjoy nature - in the middle of the city.

rooftop patio with grassRooftop Patio With Grass and Wood

This is a beautiful design for a rooftop patio that incorporates grass and a wood pattern on the outside.

Faux grass is a great way to provide a more "backyard" look and there are a lot of very high quality grasses out there to choose from.

Surrounding the grass with wood decking provides a nice contrast and in this case, they've decided to let the wood silver with age which is outstanding.  Nice design!


Faux grass has come a long way and is even soft to the touch.

Grass balcony at Tim HortonsGrass Balcony at Tim Hortons

Another example of a faux grass balcony, this one at a Tim Hortons.  This beautiful design shows you how realistic the grass can look.

If you want to clean it or something spills?  Easy.  The grass tiles can be pulled up easily, washed under a tap and you can put them down just as easily.

This example comes from our friends at Rymar who produce the tiles and do lots of different types of grasses, even putting greens!

Even a small rooftop patio can be built to entertain a bunch of people as long as you keep the tables out and use benches.

rooftop patio with benchesRooftop Patio With Benches

This great rooftop patio includes some super benches with cushions which allows a group of people to sit around and enjoy the evening.

I like a few things about this set up.  One is that there are no tables involved which can close off a patio or balcony real fast.  The flooring can work as your table and if you have food, put it on the cushions.

The benches should be set up for storage as well, for the cushions as well as other things.  Particularly in a city like Toronto, you want to be able to put stuff away in case of storms or even winter.

I love the box plants around the whole exterior which, if you were sitting down, would give you the feeling of being in a garden as opposed to the city.  A very nice tough and again, easily replicated in Toronto.

Rooftop patios are slowly coming into vogue in Toronto and there is no better place to look for inspiration than New York.

Toronto rooftop patio ideasEasy Rooftop Patio For Toronto

Toronto is way behind in developing nice looking rooftop patios like other cities in the world but this one from New York is a example of what you can do to create a great but simple rooftop patio.

The wooden decking tiles look like IPE or another hardwood and they've been allowed to age to a nice silver colour.  The furniture looks bullet proof and if it can handle New York it an handle Toronto.

Throw in a few shrubs in pots and candles and you've got a great rooftop that is easily copied for many of our condos and other multi-story buildings.