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Porcelain tiles are perfect for condo balconies and cover while allowing access to window washing hooks that are often quite ugly.

Stunning Porcelain Tiles

Stunning porcelain tiles with river stone between.

Next in our series of porcelain tiles is this beauty which has the porcelain tiles interspersed with a dark river stone to highlight the edges.

This is a terrific look for a large or small condo balcony and has a very practical application as well.  The river stones allow water to drain away into the sub-flooring before, keeping your sitting and walking area nice and dry.

These large porcelain tiles are incredibly strong and can be supported underneath in a variety of ways.  We also use tiles like this to cover the various hooks and other devices on the roof that the building management many need access to on a semi-regular basis.  They can be easily lifted up and put back down without changing the long term look of the terrace.

Porcelain tiles are ideal for condo balconies and can be laid directly on top of the current surface without affixing them in any way.

Porcelain Tiles Ideal For Condos

Porcelain condo tiles to last a lifetime.

Porcelain stoneware tiles are ideal for condo balconies for a number of reasons.  They are made from natural raw materials that once fired, have exceptional hardness and zero absorption.  Very eco-friendly and due to their relatives thickness compared to stone, there are no issues with building or condo codes.

We can lay them down on top of pedestals or on several other types of weatherproof underlays which allow air and water to flow.  Have them as stand-alone tiles or incorporate them in a full design with wood, grass or other features.  All beautiful!

Rooftop patios are a great idea for single condos or condo buildings. They provide a place for all residents to relax and enjoy nature - in the middle of the city.

rooftop patio with grassRooftop Patio With Grass and Wood

This is a beautiful design for a rooftop patio that incorporates grass and a wood pattern on the outside.

Faux grass is a great way to provide a more "backyard" look and there are a lot of very high quality grasses out there to choose from.

Surrounding the grass with wood decking provides a nice contrast and in this case, they've decided to let the wood silver with age which is outstanding.  Nice design!


Faux grass has come a long way and is even soft to the touch.

Grass balcony at Tim HortonsGrass Balcony at Tim Hortons

Another example of a faux grass balcony, this one at a Tim Hortons.  This beautiful design shows you how realistic the grass can look.

If you want to clean it or something spills?  Easy.  The grass tiles can be pulled up easily, washed under a tap and you can put them down just as easily.

This example comes from our friends at Rymar who produce the tiles and do lots of different types of grasses, even putting greens!