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These customers have a beautiful townhouse in downtown Toronto and they wanted a clean, splinter free, floor for their new child to play on. Our recommendation was composite from TruNorth Decking. We also recommended straight boards, without any breaks or gaps, to ensure that there was nothing to catch clothing on.

The initial job was to tear up their old deck which you can still see in some of the fencing. Not allowed to tear that down! We then built a raised sub-floor so that the balcony could run at the same height as their living room and it would be easy for the kid to step out into the backyard. A fun job with a place for a lot of toys and no risk of injury.

Composite decking can provide the "cottage" look without all the sanding and re-staining over the years.

Townhouse Composite Decking

Before Photo

This townhouse composite decking installation was relatively straightforward except for the fact that the customer was nice enough to provide us with some great before and after photos.

This super townhouse is located in mid-town Toronto and like many in this area has a beautiful view overlooking some trees and a few neighbours' backyards.  The balcony was mid-sized and suffering from years of wear and tear.

After Photo

The initial was well built and solid as a rock and made from treated wood.  The customer wanted to continue with the wood look but did not want to get involved in sanding and staining over the years.  Therefore he chose a nice brown composite that matched some of his furniture and continued to provide him with a "cottage" look.

Even a small conversion from old, rough boards to neat and tidy composite can radically change the look of a townhouse balcony.

After photo with chairs.

Townhouse Balcony

This townhouse balcony conversion shows how you can easily convert a small space into your next favourite hangout spot in your townhouse.  This conversion was done using Tru North composite decking with framing round the edges to finish off the boards.

This narrow, off the living room, balcony was made to look wider after the majority of the boards were laid perpendicular to the balcony doors.  A light composite colour was chosen to highlight the red brick of the walls and to complement the river stones which were laid around the edge to hide the ugly flashing.

Before photo.

If you look at the before picture, you get an idea of what was needed to turn this townhouse balcony from an old mess into a nice, clean, cool spot to enjoy an evening drink.



Bright and lively furniture plus a colourful carpet brings out the wood decking on this one.

spotted chairs on a great deckThe spotted chairs are very cool and I like the nice, simple wood decking as well.  This looks like a great, small townhouse set up and everything can come inside for a Toronto winter.

Lively furniture can always highlight up a small deck and simple is always better!