Cedar Decking With Staggered Pattern and Mushroom Stain

A traditional staggered pattern can bring back memories of summers at the cottage and on the dock!

Cedar Decking With Staggered Pattern

cedar decking

Cedar Balcony Staggered Pattern

Many condo owners want to have a condo balcony that is reminiscent of a cottage deck and ask for cedar decking with a staggered pattern.  This is one example of an installation we did for one owner who also requested an unusual (and quite beautiful) mushroom coloured stain.

Cedar Decking Staggered PatternIn this case the staggered decking pattern repeats itself every two boards but it can be made more complex with different repeating patterns.

What a difference it makes for the rows of colourful planters to have a lovely wood deck underneath them as opposed to drab concrete!


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