Condo Balcony with Washed White Stain and Framed Pattern

Using lighter colours on your balcony flooring can highlight walls and furniture while hiding dirt and dust from the city below!
Condo balcony washed white stain in framed pattern

Washed white stain over treated wood in a framed pattern.

Washed White Stain

It takes a European to break the mold a bit and this lovely condo balcony deck with washed white stain and a framed pattern was requested by a Canadian/German.

Made of treated wood (Micro-Pro Sienna) and installed on an irregularly shaped balcony, the highlight of this deck is the beautiful washed white stain.  Traditional colours are fine of course but in a modern condo, with red brick walls, it is nice to use a contrasting colour to highlight and make the walls and furniture stand out.

Corner section of condo balcony.

Corner section of washed white condo balcony.

White is also a great colour to hide any dust or other particles which settle on balconies in major cities.  Dark colours tend to make the dirt stand out while the lighter colours hide them longer.

To top it off, the pattern is a framed pattern (ends are boxed in) with three separate "rooms" or sections built in.  This breaks up the balcony into different parts and the vertical framing boards make it look wider than it really is.

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