Condo Balcony With Beautiful Long Bench

Benches are great for sitting, storage, acting as tables and even extending the space of your living room.

condo balcony with long benchCondo Balcony With Beautiful Long Bench

I'm a big fan of condo balconies with benches because the bench can act as both a place to sit as well as a table, candle holder spot, storage, etc.

This owner has built a beautiful long bench along the entire viewing side with a section at the end as well.  If you build it with a swing top, you can also use it to store your cushions, candles, wraps, etc.

The wood decking is composed of long boards which makes the balcony look a lot longer than it is.  A great mix of colours in the boards as well, from light to dark, which provides some perspective as well.

Suggestions?  Perhaps too much bench if the idea of the balcony is also to lean over and check out the city below.  However, if the bench is really an extension of the living room (which is might be) and guests can sit there and be part of the inner and outer activities, it's a great idea.


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