Design Process

Custom Design - Every Time!

Every one of our terraces is 100% customized and designed for you and your desires.  No two designs are the same and we take great pains to make sure you get exactly what you want.  Here is an example of our design process in action!

Step 1:  Initial Meeting & Discussions

We come to your location to discuss your interests, aesthetics and to understand clearly the opportunities your situation presents.  Past projects are shown and ideas are discussed so that as much detail as possible is known before the actual design process is started.

Step 2:  Proposals & Concepts

Initially, you will receive multiple ideas and designs so that our designer can narrow down the final design components in advance of your next meeting.  When he has a clear idea, a final design concept proposal is forwarded and if approved, the designer returns to finalize details.  These details include any last adjustments, measurements, material specifications, etc.  No detail is left out and you are involved throughout the process.


Step 3:  Off Site Construction

Our fabrication team now takes over and build your terrace off-site to ensure that you are not living in the dust and noise of construction.  Materials are selected, measured, cut and placed to ensure that when we arrive at your location for the install, we take as little time as possible.

Step 4:  Installation & Enjoyment

After we leave, you get the opportunity to enjoy your fabulous, new, living space!  Entertain or simply relax in your own, private, terrace!  Built to last out of the world's best stone and hardwoods, you'll have no concerns for many years to come.