Drab Condo Balcony Turned Into Beautiful Cedar Deck

Every drab balcony can be turned into a beautiful terrace and here is one we did in Burlington Ontario. Ugly into a beautiful cedar deck and the owner enjoying a drink to start the summer season!

drab condo balcony 2

Condo Balcony Transformed Into Beautiful Cedar Deck

A series of images to show you how easily it is to turn a drab condo balcony into a beautiful cedar deck!



drab condo balcony 1


This balcony was made of cold tiles with a drain in the middle.




Condo Cedar Balcony

Designed, built and stained off site, the new cedar deck was installed in one afternoon.  We even helped put the furniture in and before you know it, the proud owner was enjoying a drink on their new deck!



Beautiful cedar deck and balcony


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