Engaging Asian Balcony Designs

Simple designs from Asia are easily incorporated into Toronto and can make even the smallest of balconies a beauty!

Asian Balcony Designs

We get a lot of our input and ideas from scrolling through google and looking at Asian balcony designs.  The reasons are simple.  In general, condos and apartments in various Asian countries are smaller than in Canada and they have to use every inch to their advantage.  Also, a higher sense of style in utilizing their balconies.  Finally, a much longer history of using this often overlooked piece of real estate!

This is a nice, simple design with wooden decking and a lovely green wall with planter.  A small water feature has been built in as well which is very popular in Asia.  The lighter wood stain makes the balcony look much bigger than it is and of course, using some plants and greenery turns it into a lovely oasis.

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