Grass Balcony With White River Stones

A grass balcony is easily accomplished in this day and age and is a nice, easy option for many condo owners.

grass balcony with stonesGreat Grass Balcony With River Stones

This is a nice, simple, grass balcony that shows a bit of artistic flair as well.  There are now lots of excellent faux grasses out on the market, many of them with dead faux grass in them!  Beautiful stuff and nice to walk on.

The owner of this balcony has then added some white river stones on the edge to make the green stand out even more.  Throw a bit of furniture out there and perhaps a few live plants as well and you have your own backyard.

We've just started offering a nice grass alternative as an addition to you decking or as the only floor covering you will ever need.  Our Pinterest board should start growing over the next while and our relationship with Rymar here in Toronto should result in lots of interesting grass installations.


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