Great Green Balcony Greenhouse

Greenhouses are an easy way to get your plants started in the spring and also to have lots of them on a small balcony or terrace.

green greenhouse for balconiesGreat Green Balcony Greenhouse

I've posted a few greenhouses for balconies recently and this "great green balcony greenhouse" is a nice addition for any condo or apartment.

If you're in Toronto, these smaller, more flexible, greenhouses allow you to get a good start with your plants in the spring and/or grow some specialty plants and herbs which don't normally like our climate.

The flooring is ok and is probably the stuff from Home Depot which you can put down yourself.  Well worth it if you want a quick floor but there are nicer ways to give yourself a real balcony floor including just building it yourself.

The fold down table is also a great idea and allows you to create space on a small balcony and if need be, take the table in at the end of the growing season.  Or, put a couple of chairs up against it, grab some drinks and watch the street below on a summer evening.  All nice!


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