Green Walls

There are a number of ways you can "green up" your condo balcony to turn it into a beautiful terrace - and we are working on more all the time! Due to height, winds, need for soil depth, etc. there are lots of challenges to create a beautiful, green, space. Here's a few options that we have either created ourselves; or, have developed with some of our fabulous partners.

VitalWall For A Large Space


A recent addition to our green wall lineup, VitalWall is made of recycled plastic and can be installed practically anywhere. We see it as an excellent addition to that side wall with your neighbours; or for large terraces, the back wall of your balcony.

Completely modular and your choice of using pots or the integrated plastic retainers.

VitalWall has a gravity fed watering system whereby you simply pour water into the top and it trickles down and waters the rest of the plants in this integrated, modular system.

Green Wall Planters

Developed by our own Paul Cuthbert, these planters are built with stainless steel inserts and a water drainage system to make sure you never overwater!

Custom planter that can have a wall attached to the back to act as a green wall.
Customer planter with grasses for privacy.

Want to attach a green wall to the back to create a nice separator between you and the neighbour? We custom build a back wall to hold your pots; or simply insert some nice birch poles to act as the wall for your climbing ivy or beans. We can even attach the VitalWall components to it and you have a perfect solution without attaching anything to the walls or floors!