Handy Balcony Fold Out Table

Fold out tables are a great way to not use space while still providing a place for a drink or quick meal.

balcony fold out tableHandy Balcony Fold Out Table

Fold out tables for small balconies are a fabulous way of adding a spot for a drink or dinner without giving up needed space.  This little wooden table does all that and more because it also adds a bit of style to the situation as well.

The fold out table is complemented by a nice little chair and also an end of the balcony bench or seat with pillows.  All are made of the same wood and as mentioned in earlier posts, I like the bench seats because they can also be used for storage and by putting them at the end of the balcony, they take up less room.  The pillows come off quickly in case of rain and pretty well everything can be taken in for Toronto's winters.

Most Toronto condos won't be able to put down the tile floor that you see here but you can put down a nice stone floor on top of some sub-flooring quite easily.  Even if you just use limestone or tile pavers, you accomplish the same thing.

Depending on the rules of your condo or apartment building, the flower box is always a great addition to add some green to your space.



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