Hazelwood Composite Balcony With Raised Sitting Area

A hazelwood composite balcony with raised sitting area provides a nice contrast while allowing people in the lounge chairs to see over the railing.

Hazelwood Composite With Raised Sitting Area

Hazelwood decking with raised sitting area.

My favourite composite decking company (TruNorth Deck) came out with a lovely Hazelwood composite last year that has been getting rave reviews from my condo clients.

The Hazelwood still comes with the nice dark streaks which really makes darker furniture stand out and provides a nice contrast in the decking.

In this installation we also raised one end of the flooring to provide more contrast and to allow the people sitting in the end chairs to be able to see over the railing.

The vertical boards make this narrow balcony look wider while breaking it up into different sections.



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