Micro Pro Sienna Condo Decking

Micro Pro Sienna is both a beautiful wood for your condo balcony as well as being more affordable than cedar or composite.

Micro Pro Sienna Condo Balcony Decking

Micro Pro Sienna Framed

Micro Pro Sienna is a new, treated wood.  It looks and feels exactly like pine (which is the wood it is made from).  A lot of house decks are made out of it already and it has replaced the old treated woods that were used in the past.

The beauty of Micro Pro is that it is a lot more environmentally friendly than it used to be.  It has very little of the green streaking that was common in the past.  It comes in a beautiful "sienna" brown but can be stained just like any other wood.

In this job, we "framed" in the wood with an outer frame of the same wood.  The boards all running in one direction make this small balcony look quite large, while the framing gives it a finished look.  We used "natural cedar" staining for the client who was very happy with the job.  Ideal for small, condo balconies.


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