Noocity Urban Growbed Ideal For Condos

Urban growbeds, usually with some sort of self-watering mechanism, are ideal for condo balconies where space is limited.

Noocity GrowbedUrban Growbed

This Noocity Growbed (pronounced "newcity") is ideal for condos, apartments and townhouses that have a limited amount of space for veggies, herbs and fruits.  This is a self-watering system that will allow you to leave it alone for weeks on end, which is perfect for vacations, etc.

NoocityUrbanEcology_2The integrated sub irrigation system of the Noocity Growbed guarantees self-sufficiency for up to 3 weeks, helps you produce more and consumes up to 80% less water than a conventional vegetable garden!

Especially developed for urban agriculture the Noocity Growbed is suitable for any type of space and can be used individually or fitted together in different combinations depending on the space available.  Now available in the Toronto area through Sundial Innovations.

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