Our Partners

partnershipPartner Benefits

In 2014, we installed eleven (11) terraces in one luxury condominium alone.  Prices, without furniture, ranged from $22,000 to $32,000.  Commission would have been $28,800 for one of our partners.

Terrace Creations works with partners who specialize in condominiums and townhouses.  In exchange for working with us and referring possible sales, we provide the following benefits:


  • 7.5% referral commission.  This is on the total sale to the client which includes the terrace installation and any furniture, plants, etc. included in the original sale.
  • 2.5% building commission.  Our history has shown that each new terrace installation results in interest from multiple owners in the building.  We recognize the importance of that first sale and will pay the initial broker for that building an on-going commission of 2.5% regardless of how we made the sale.
  • Cross referrals.  As we build our team, we will feature all partners on our site (if requested) with a full description of services.

Customer Benefits

5% discount off the total sale.  We recommend that customers are informed that only their broker can provide them with the discount code.  Once we provide a quote, they can then ask for the code, ensuring that you are rewarded appropriately and that the bond between you and your customer remains strong.

How Can You Generate Sales?

Communications.  We know that you like to stay in contact with all your previous clients through email, newsletters, cards, etc.  We are happy to provide any images or text that you require to inform your customers about this special offer.

Presentations.  Another powerful method of generating sales is by setting up a meeting/presentation with the condo board or with the building.  This gets everyone involved and can generate multiple leads for both Terrace Creations as well as for your future sales.