Porcelain Tiles For Condo Balconies

Porcelain tiles are ideal for condo balconies and can be laid directly on top of the current surface without affixing them in any way.

Porcelain Tiles Ideal For Condos

Porcelain condo tiles to last a lifetime.

Porcelain stoneware tiles are ideal for condo balconies for a number of reasons.  They are made from natural raw materials that once fired, have exceptional hardness and zero absorption.  Very eco-friendly and due to their relatives thickness compared to stone, there are no issues with building or condo codes.

We can lay them down on top of pedestals or on several other types of weatherproof underlays which allow air and water to flow.  Have them as stand-alone tiles or incorporate them in a full design with wood, grass or other features.  All beautiful!

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