Sedums, Cacti & Succulents

Ideal for busy people who want beauty but might forget to water!

sedum planter 3Sedums, Cacti & Succulents

Ornamental planters on balconies are often in an exposed condition and the effects of sun and wind make it difficult to grow many plants well. There are plants that were introduced into classic rock gardens that fit the bill and will thrive in these difficult spots. Sedums, cacti and succulents have a thick leathery leaves that do very well in the sun and require little attention which is ideal for gardeners with black thumbs.

The colour and texture range is enormous and they have a real exotic feel to them. Cactuses will have to be brought in for the winter as they will not last through the cold or be treated as annuals. Sedums can be left in with minor protections. Sedums and cacti work well with ornamental grasses and make a beautiful focal point on your terrace. Often a shallow planter will work as the root systems of these plants is small and they prefer a well draining sandy or gravelly soil.

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