Sitting And Storage Bench With Table

All condo balcony furniture is best designed and built to accommodate some storage for cushions and other useful items.

Sitting and Storage Bench

One of the issues most of our customers face is the lack of storage.  Therefore most of our bench designs and sitting solutions are built to house their own cushions.  This is a classic example as the customer had a very odd shaped balcony.  They wanted a bench and small table to fit one corner.  They had little room wanted a bench where they didn't have to lift up the seat each time but the cushion was right at hand.

This simple condo bench design and table was built by one of our artisans and installed on top of a cedar deck that we built and installed as well.  The bench has no back on it so as to not obstruct the view from inside.  In these cases we often recommend a wedge cushion that has a back and bottom for sitting and can be stored inside the bench.

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