Small Toronto Deck

Small spaces can be turned into great little terraces and get-aways with just a bit of thought.

house terrace or deckSmall Toronto Deck

A small house deck does not have to be grand or overly done up to make it attractive and somewhere you want to sit and relax.  I like this deck because it takes a very small space, probably on the back of someone's house and turns it into a cottage feel.

The floor planking is perfect as is and as time moves on, you can either refinish, reseal or simply paint them a great colour.

I like the chairs as well because for a Toronto winter, they can be folded up and brought in no problem.  Nothing worse than putting large, stuffed furniture out on a terrace or deck and having to haul it around in the fall or when it is going to rain.

The plants are also all in pots which makes moving them nice and easy.  Putting certain plants against a white wall increases the heat of the area and allows you to grow some great plants that are out of the normal growing zone.

A simple table finishes it all off and makes this a great little deck or terrace to replicate at your Toronto home.



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