Stunning Porcelain Tiles With River Stone In Between

Porcelain tiles are perfect for condo balconies and cover while allowing access to window washing hooks that are often quite ugly.

Stunning Porcelain Tiles

Stunning porcelain tiles with river stone between.

Next in our series of porcelain tiles is this beauty which has the porcelain tiles interspersed with a dark river stone to highlight the edges.

This is a terrific look for a large or small condo balcony and has a very practical application as well.  The river stones allow water to drain away into the sub-flooring before, keeping your sitting and walking area nice and dry.

These large porcelain tiles are incredibly strong and can be supported underneath in a variety of ways.  We also use tiles like this to cover the various hooks and other devices on the roof that the building management many need access to on a semi-regular basis.  They can be easily lifted up and put back down without changing the long term look of the terrace.

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