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Wide boards can create a very sophisticated look for any balcony.

Indian Apartment Wide Board Balcony

A nice, straightforward, wide board balcony from our line of 15 Engaging Asian Balconies.  This apartment in India contrast some wide boards with porcelain tiles on the inside of the apartment to create a very sophisticated look.

A wide board look can be achieved with wood of course, but also with different tiles.  Many porcelain tiles are now manufactured with a faux wood look that is very impressive.  Each of the tiles has a different grain, colour and can create a fabulous look for a floor.

In this example, the boards are running perpendicular from the doors, making the balcony look much wider than it is.  Add a couple of chairs, a simple table and a bit of greenery and you have a beautiful step out balcony.  A nice job!

Re-using old pallets or any other wood is both cheaper and a good, green alternative.

condo planter shelvesPlanter Shelves Out Of Pallets

Old pallets can be used for a lot of things and these planter shelves are a super example.  A nice design to them as well and they could be put up on an apartment or condo balcony without any worries at all.

The decking on this balcony looks like a nice old wood as well and shows you don't need much to get it done.  If you want to see more examples, check out our Pinterest pages for this and other balconies.



A simple balcony decking made out of large boards with different tones is a great look for your terrace.

big board balconyBig Board Balcony

A nice, simple, big board balcony with different stains applied to the various boards to give it more structure.  I would even go further and use a knotty pine or something with lots of character to achieve a similar look.

Love the back wall, with hanging plants as well.  Also easy to do and complements the flooring by being a different width of board.

Want more simple decking ideas?  Check out our board on Pinterest which just focuses on decking.


Small wooden squares can be a nice contrast as a flooring.

tiny wooden balcony squaresTiny Wooden Balcony Squares

This is a bright condo or apartment balcony where they've put down tiny squares of wood (perhaps the Ikea flooring) for their flooring.

Obviously in a sunny spot and I think this one comes from the Balkans because that is where I nabbed it on Pinterest and posted it on my balcony decking page :-).

I've checked out the Ikea balcony flooring and am not impressed and do not think it would last more than a year or two in Toronto or Canada.  A quick fix for a completely covered area but for the same price you can get something a lot more stable.