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Making over a townhouse balcony from old wood to a beautiful composite from TruNorth Decking is relatively easy and can make the difference between not using the space to sitting out there all the time!

We outfitted this balcony with Hazelwood composite laid out in a picture frame pattern. Simple but nice and will last forever!

Before Terrace Creations Makeover 🙂
After Terrace Creations and some composite decking from TruNorth Decks!

Always fun to see the difference some nice composite decking can make on a Toronto condo balcony. The pictures below show a nice comparison and it's fun to see how much it has improved. As well, the balcony on the left will never have any pools of water that you have to step around. It will last forever and will even protect the concrete below it so that it will not have to be renewed as often as other balconies.

Simple pavers integrated into a design can be used to allow access for window washing hooks on a condo balcony.

Hazelwood Condo Balcony

View from one end of the balcony.

A recent installation we did for a nice customer in the east end of Toronto.  A Hazelwood Balcony where the design had to be adapted for the window washing hooks which are quite common in condos.

In the photo to the left you can see the pattern chosen for this balcony - where multiple "rooms" have been built with double vertical boards to make it appear wider.

The composite is from TruNorth Decking who are our favourite supplier.  This Hazelwood is very popular and with the nice black markings it creates a beautiful floor.  The composite is made from 100% recycled plastic and rice hulls from Alabama which fits right in with our focus on environmental stewardship.

Full balcony showing paving stones for window washing hooks.

The second photo on the right show the inside part of the balcony where we integrated some simple paving stones into the design.  The gap on each side of the stones is to allow the customer to easily and quickly lift up the stones to allow the window washing crews access to the hooks. Just simple pavers but they did the trick and actually create a bit more structure in the design.

A hazelwood composite balcony with raised sitting area provides a nice contrast while allowing people in the lounge chairs to see over the railing.

Hazelwood Composite With Raised Sitting Area

Hazelwood decking with raised sitting area.

My favourite composite decking company (TruNorth Deck) came out with a lovely Hazelwood composite last year that has been getting rave reviews from my condo clients.

The Hazelwood still comes with the nice dark streaks which really makes darker furniture stand out and provides a nice contrast in the decking.

In this installation we also raised one end of the flooring to provide more contrast and to allow the people sitting in the end chairs to be able to see over the railing.

The vertical boards make this narrow balcony look wider while breaking it up into different sections.