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Even the smallest of balconies can be enlivened with a simple wooden deck and a couple of comfy chairs.

Condo Balcony Staggered Decking

On a small condo balcony a lot can be achieved through the use of staggered decking and a beautiful stain.  Add a couple of comfy chairs and a table and you have a comfortable sitting area that you want to use as opposed to a piece of rough concrete with an old lawn chair!

This customer requested staggered decking which breaks up the pattern quite a bit and gives a rustic charm look.  As well, the boards were stained Weather Wood from the Sansin line of stains which I prefer because of their quality and beautiful range of colours.

Prior to me installing the decking, the customer had installed a set of sliding balcony windows across the front of their balcony which allowed them to use it all four seasons.  They are on a busy street of downtown Toronto so the windows also helped in keeping down the dirt that can float up from the street.

Small wooden squares can be a nice contrast as a flooring.

tiny wooden balcony squaresTiny Wooden Balcony Squares

This is a bright condo or apartment balcony where they've put down tiny squares of wood (perhaps the Ikea flooring) for their flooring.

Obviously in a sunny spot and I think this one comes from the Balkans because that is where I nabbed it on Pinterest and posted it on my balcony decking page :-).

I've checked out the Ikea balcony flooring and am not impressed and do not think it would last more than a year or two in Toronto or Canada.  A quick fix for a completely covered area but for the same price you can get something a lot more stable.


Thin balcony decking is a nice contrast to the big boards we often use.

thin condo decking boardsThin Balcony Decking

This is from a Scandinavian balcony and I like it because they have decided to use thin boards for the balcony decking.

Not only are they thinner than what we see a lot of in Toronto and North America, they have been allowed to age and are even set at cross purposes to each other - creating a nice pattern that is only partially hidden by the rug.

I've always been a big fan of putting a bench at the one end of your balcony or terrace. Creates sitting room without taking up much space.  If you wished, you could also put a storage box under the bench for storing cushions, etc.

Great contrast between the flooring (greying with age) and the white railing and furniture.  A real nice, small balcony from our northern compatriots!


Not all decking tiles have to be perfect and of the same size. Mix it up for a different and more alternative look.

condo deck tilesAlternative Condo Balcony Tiles

Who says all condo balcony tiles have to be the same size?  This little deck from an article in freshome is a good example of using whatever you have available to build a nice deck for your terrace or condo.

Being sustainable means using things over again and these differing deck tiles not only reinforce that idea but are more than attractive in their own way.  A great job!