Terrace Creations at Canada Blooms

Terrace Creations was at the 2019 Canada Blooms show, where we were asked to demonstrate a modern Toronto condo balcony. As usual, we took a different spin on it by using a number of different components to create what we called "Bike Storage to Beaujolais". The emphasis this year was on creating a balcony which a modern Toronto condo owner would be proud of - complete with state of the art marijuana planters!

Our balcony display incorporated some terrific faux grass from our favourite supplier - Design Turf from Toronto. That's one of their newer grass lines on our back wall.

Our 2019 Canada Blooms exhibit.

Flooring was done by the best composite maker in Canada - Tru North Deck out of Brantford, Ontario. We used one of our favourite colours, Hazelwood, for the flooring.

Finally, our own Paul Cuthbert built two beautiful planters, designed for modern marijuana growing, complete with drainage systems. If you look closely, you will even see some cannabis look alikes all along the back wall :-).

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