Thin Balcony Decking For Your Condo

Thin balcony decking is a nice contrast to the big boards we often use.

thin condo decking boardsThin Balcony Decking

This is from a Scandinavian balcony and I like it because they have decided to use thin boards for the balcony decking.

Not only are they thinner than what we see a lot of in Toronto and North America, they have been allowed to age and are even set at cross purposes to each other - creating a nice pattern that is only partially hidden by the rug.

I've always been a big fan of putting a bench at the one end of your balcony or terrace. Creates sitting room without taking up much space.  If you wished, you could also put a storage box under the bench for storing cushions, etc.

Great contrast between the flooring (greying with age) and the white railing and furniture.  A real nice, small balcony from our northern compatriots!


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