Townhouse Composite Decking in Toronto

Composite decking can provide the "cottage" look without all the sanding and re-staining over the years.

Townhouse Composite Decking

Before Photo

This townhouse composite decking installation was relatively straightforward except for the fact that the customer was nice enough to provide us with some great before and after photos.

This super townhouse is located in mid-town Toronto and like many in this area has a beautiful view overlooking some trees and a few neighbours' backyards.  The balcony was mid-sized and suffering from years of wear and tear.

After Photo

The initial was well built and solid as a rock and made from treated wood.  The customer wanted to continue with the wood look but did not want to get involved in sanding and staining over the years.  Therefore he chose a nice brown composite that matched some of his furniture and continued to provide him with a "cottage" look.

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