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We often turn simple, rectangular, balconies into green spaces by adding some grass. In this Toronto balcony, we created a full entertaining area by creating two grass spaces, surrounded by different coloured composite. At the end of the balcony, we built a customized bench and wall.

The bench was built with a storage area underneath it to store cushions, etc. given that space is always an issue in a condo. The wall was custom fitted to the space to provide privacy but also to keep the cat from running to the other balcony :-).

On small balconies it doesn't make sense to make the floor design too complicated. Instead, picking one element and then decorating around it is the way to go. On this small balcony (40 sq. ft) in Toronto, the customer wanted something soft underfoot and decided on some faux grass throughout.

This is not the astro turf anymore that you remember from years ago. Suppliers have gotten a lot more advanced and the grasses are incredible! This one even has dead "thatch" woven in the grass so that it looks and feels like a real lawn. As well, heat is no longer a problem as the backing has air and water holes to allow the grass to breathe and cool down. Beautiful stuff!

The combination of grass and cedar makes for a beautiful terrace design and place to relax.

Cedar Condo Balcony With Grass

Artificial grass has come a long way and our friends at Design Turf are always there to supply us with terrific artifical grass.  This grass was their Natural 60 which is really quite incredible and I defy anyone to tell the difference except this stuff you don't have to cut!

This condo balcony in the heart of Toronto was designed using cedar on one side and artificial grass on the other.  The idea was to have a soft place for their child to run around as well as some nice decking to remind them of the cottage.

The cedar portion was installed using a staggered pattern to give the feel of a real deck (which it is) and was stained using Natural Cedar from Sansin stains.





Simple pavers integrated into a design can be used to allow access for window washing hooks on a condo balcony.

Hazelwood Condo Balcony

View from one end of the balcony.

A recent installation we did for a nice customer in the east end of Toronto.  A Hazelwood Balcony where the design had to be adapted for the window washing hooks which are quite common in condos.

In the photo to the left you can see the pattern chosen for this balcony - where multiple "rooms" have been built with double vertical boards to make it appear wider.

The composite is from TruNorth Decking who are our favourite supplier.  This Hazelwood is very popular and with the nice black markings it creates a beautiful floor.  The composite is made from 100% recycled plastic and rice hulls from Alabama which fits right in with our focus on environmental stewardship.

Full balcony showing paving stones for window washing hooks.

The second photo on the right show the inside part of the balcony where we integrated some simple paving stones into the design.  The gap on each side of the stones is to allow the customer to easily and quickly lift up the stones to allow the window washing crews access to the hooks. Just simple pavers but they did the trick and actually create a bit more structure in the design.